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November 29, 2021

Top Five Home Security Questions In Chicago

Home security can seem intimidating, especially when you add automation devices and round-the-clock monitoring into the equation. Here’s the answers to our top five home security questions in Chicago. From gaurding against break-ins to chosing the right smart device, here's some ways you can keep your home safe.

What Do You Need To Gaurd Against A Break-In?

It will come as no surprise that one of the most trusted ways to prevent intrusions is to get a home security system in Chicago. Experts shows that criminals are much less likely to go after homes with one protecting the perimeter. An alarm system is able to guard your windows and doors, and your 24/7 monitoring experts will respond to any tripped alarm. Add components like smart locks and home security cameras for added security peace of mind.

How Will Most Intruders Break Into The House?

Law enforcement studies indicate that intruders enter unlawfully through the main door over 30% of the time. First-floor windows and patio doors are also at risk. And it’s also more likely that intrusions happen during a normal day when you are working and your kids are at school.

Are Store-bought Home Security Systems A Scam?

When it comes to home security systems, you can find a a plethora of possibilities, including do-it-yourself devices. If you seem tech-competent and comfortable at installing sensors, alarms, and control panels, then a self-install option can be fine. Then again, these devices typically won’t have the option of expert monitoring. And you have to figure out how to hook up all the sensors, cameras, and smart items and linking them to one another -- something a professional can accomplish in a few hours.

Is It Worth The Money To Get A Monitored Home Security System in Chicago?

A professional monitored home security system in Chicago connects to trained professionals. They watch over your home 24/7 to respond to a triggered device and help in an emergency. If you're at the house, these experts allow you and your family to reach a safe place while the appropriate emergency service is on the way. And the team will contact you and emergency personnel when you're not at home -- which means your house is always protected.

Why Should I Pair Automation To My Security System?

Home automation is much more than just a fun toy. It's an effective security measure. For example, a smart lock lets you can set individual unlock codes. You can also have them lock on their own when you leave, and get notifications on your mobile device when they unlock. Schedule your smart bulbs to work so it looks like you’re home. Finally, your smart thermostat can activate the exhaust fan when a fire is detected to hinder the fire from spreading.

Customize The Perfect Home Security System For You

If you have additional security system questions or if you’re interested in installing a monitored system for your Chicago home, talk to the agents. Call (312) 319-8662 or send in the form below.